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About this blog

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    Szymon Lewandowski

Hi, nice to meet you! 👋

My name is Szymon Lewandowski and this is my blog. You will find here technical and non-technical articles from Marketing and IT worlds. Especially from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment.

About me

I am Szymon Lewandowski and I spent the last 6 years working with content marketing and community management, targeting the tech and IT industry. I developed in SEO, analytics, and front-end development to merge the IT & Marketing worlds into one.

Currently, I am working with marketing automation tools from the Salesforce environment, including Marketing Cloud, Interaction Studio, Customer Data Platform, and more.

What you will find here?

I am gonna write about both technical and non-technical aspects of working in IT industry, in Marketing Automation branch. Also, I would like to raise the topics connected with broadly defined wellness, ergonomics, and current trends in the IT working environment.

You will find articles written in both Polish or English language. They will be marked with English or Polish tags. I am going to add a language filter in the future.

How it works?

To be honest, I wanted to create a functional blog based on a modern tech stack as soon as possible. That's why I used the cool template provided by Timothy Lin.

The blog is based on React, Node.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and MDX. A simple template provides all the needed stuff, not only structure but also smart integrations with analytics systems, comments plugins, newsletters, and so on. You can check the full functionality of this template on its GitHub page.

With a modern stack and easy-to-use MDX, the blog looks clean and simple. Next.js provides Server Side Rendering, Tailwind has a lot of cool functionalities which I want to discover in the future. Perfect hipster's pack.

And that's it. Make yourself comfortable and check out if there will be any content that will interest you.

You could also check my LinkedIn profile.